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  • Vulnerability- your superpower?

    Vulnerability is definitely an under explored topic-for both men and women. Often seen as a weakness, I believe we should redefine it as a superpower which encompasses confidence, self awareness and authenticity.

  • Bologna and Cobalt Red

    Another glorious month in Bologna, living and speaking Italian. On our arrival hundreds of Bolognese were sporting blue and red colours. Their team had just reached the Champions leagues for the first time in 62 years. Know I loved the city especially when I saw cobalt blue and red napkins nestled together!

  • 50 clients and still going!

    When I set up my coaching business, Cobalt Red, just under 5 years ago, I decided that 20% of my work would be offered on a pro bono basis. I am delighted to announce that I have now coached over 50 pro bono clients from more than 12 African countries all of whom are the…

  • Incongruent? Is this where you park your bike?

    Love this photo from one of our favouite restaurants in Bologna. Not the usual place for bikes!

  • Incongruence 2

    Incongruence 2

    Incongruence-the difference between the expected and perceived experience. Please take note ….Not when you are on Zoom or TeamsAnd certainly not if you live in Edinburgh as I do.

  • Incongruence 2

    Incongruence 2

    Incongruence-the difference between the expected and perceived experience.

  • One Day

    Have you read One Day by David Nicholls or perhaps you are watching the Netflix series? is it ONE DAYorDAY ONE and if it is not Day Oneto what are you saying yes?what is stopping you?how are you going to address the obstacles you see and feel?how important is this to you? It is all…

  • Giacometti-esque


    I love this image of our two dear friends Mo and Jo and their lurcher, Pixie.At first glance it is rather Giacometti-esque with very elongated legs and tiny bodies. It got me thinking about perspectives and how we can look at an image, conjure a thought and ‘see’ it with a particular version of truth.…

  • Kintsugi


    I was going to delete this as it wasn’t the photo I thought I had taken. But there was something about it that was rather wonderful, creative and beautiful -so I kept it. Sometimes a surprising image or being out of focus can be a good thing that leads to seeing something in a completely…

  • Why Cobalt Red and not Cobalt Red?

    Why Cobalt Red and not Cobalt Red?

    This is an example of The Stroop effect. In the classic Stroop task, participants struggle to quickly name the colour of ink a word is written in, when the word itself is a conflicting colour. In executive coaching, the Stroop effect can serve as a metaphor for the challenges leaders face in managing conflicting demands…